Community Broadband Bits 3 - UTOPIA and XMission

For the third Community Broadband Bits podcast, we decided to do a double interview, perhaps making up for skipping last week due to our Independence Day holiday. In this show, we talk with Todd Marriott from the UTOPIA open access network in Utah. The second interview is with a provider on the network: Pete Ashdown, the founder of XMission.

The UTOPIA web site is here. If you want to learn more about UTOPIA, an excellent site is Free UTOPIA, run by Jesse Harris. And Pete Ashdown writes about broadband issues at

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Thanks to Fit and the Conniptions for the music.


Progress, innovation at UTOPIA

Very interesting interviews.  They motivated me to review some of your earlier posts on UTOPIA.

It's good to see significant progress there, as well as innovation related to end-user financing and their open-access wholesale network, which might get a real boost from their recent deal with DISH (which is something worth watching). In spite of their financial problems, they seem to be breaking new ground on multiple fronts.  Necessity is, after all, the mother of invention.   

I wonder if anyone's looked at the extent to which current or potential (i.e., if penetration rates increase) increases in property taxes related to UTOPIA might be offset by savings on monthly rates from subscribing to UTOPIA and/or price reductions offered by its competitors.

A review of other recent UTOPIA posts is also a reminder that it can be pretty convenient for a politician facing financial challenges (pretty common in today's economy) to blame a predecessor and their decisions (e.g., UTOPIA) for these problems.

Thanks to you and to Jesse Harris for keeping the rest of us current on this.

Veracity Networks - My fav on the Utopia Network

Great interview, very informative. I thought I would toss in my own experience as well. I have been on the Utopia Network for some time, and it I have tried out a few of the many providers. My favorite by far is Veracity Networks. Later I came to find out that they are the largest provider on Utopia and have been for some years. They have been in business for 25 years. They have great service and pricing. So if you are looking to get onto the Utopia network, look them up.

- Victor