Community Broadband Media Roundup - August 22


Lafayette eyes municipal broadband, EcoPass for November ballot by Anthony Hahn, Colorado Hometown Weekly & GovTech

Larmier County refers broadband-law exemption to November ballot by Dallas Heltzell, BizWest

El Paso County may ask voters to help bring Internet service to rural communities by Matt Steiner, Colorado Springs Gazette



Maryland city to link up with county-owned high-speed Internet service by Erika Butler, GovTech



World-class broadband access is needed for a world-class city by Mike Schlasner, Rochester Post Bulletin

Rochester makes smart move by evaluating Internet options by Christopher Mitchell, Rochester Post Bulletin

Going back 20 years in Rochester, anyone could become an Internet service provider. You had buy some modems, lease a few telephone lines and set up a billing system. But today, after a series of deregulatory decisions, a few big cable and telephone companies basically control all high-speed Internet access in the U.S.

Building a network now requires a major investment, which is why there is so little private-sector competition.

Broadband for tomorrow by Karen Reisner, Fillmore County Journal



North Carolina

Appeals court overturns FCC order on municipal broadband by Amanda Raymond, Salisbury Post

Court halts broadband in Pinetops by Lindell John Kay, Rocky Mount Telegram



Bridging digital divide: Stepping toward inclusive innovation in Chattanooga by Joan McClane, Chattanooga Times Free Press

EPB says those without broadband should make their voices heard by The Chattanoogan



Montgomery County continues to discuss providing broadband by Yann Ranaivo, Roanoke Times

Last year, the county Board of Supervisors began exploring the possibility of letting its rural utility provider – the Public Service Authority – add broadband Internet to its services. Turning the PSA into a telecom provider requires General Assembly approval, and the people behind the idea decided to hold off on pitching a bill during the previous session because they didn’t think lawmakers had enough time to consider the proposal.

County seeks to map strategy for broadband by Don Del Rosso, FauquierNow



State broadband grants will boost rural Wisconsin Internet service by Rick Barrett, GovTech



Gigabites: Farm towns find fiber by Mari Silbey, Light Reading


U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit Reverses Feb. 2015 Ruling

After court loss, FCC eyes its options on municipal broadband by Karl Bode, DSL Reports

Cable and telecom firms score a huge win in their war to kill municipal broadband by Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times

“State legislators talk about passing new barriers to public systems until it’s written about in the press,” Mitchell says. “Then they get letters from voters.”

Thanks to this week’s appeals court ruling, supporters of community broadband will have to continue their work without the assistance of the FCC. But by providing lousy service, the cable and telecommunications industries may make their job easier.

The FCC can't save community broadband - but we can by Corynne McSherry, TruthOut

EFF vows to take up muni broadband cause after FCC denied by Shaun Nichols, The Register

Markey: FCC should still target state muni broadband barriers by John Eggerton, MultiChannel News

Sixth Circuit kills FCC's municipal broadband state preemption order by Kyle Daly, Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs