Community Broadband Media Roundup - December 2


Lakeport may adopt broadband telecommunications ordinances by Aidan Freeman, Lake County Record-Bee

In tandem with the city council’s small cell facilities ordinance, the city may also adopt a “dig once” policy on Tuesday, which would seek to promote construction of infrastructure to support more widespread broadband Internet access. The City of Clearlake and the County of Lake are also considering similar ordinances this year.



Use of broadband up in communities on Western Slope by Charles Ashby, The Daily Sentinel

How Colorado’s rural communities could benefit from $600 million in federal broadband grants by Tamara Chuang, The Colorado Sun 



Task force expanding broadband should be top Idaho priority by William L. Spence, Lewiston Tribune, Government Technology 



USDA invests $5.2 million in rural broadband for Kansas families, USDA



Colrain proceeds with broadband make-ready work by Maureen O’Reilly, Greenfield Recorder


New York 

Study says Dryden broadband will make $3.7 million after a decade by Andrew Sullivan, Ithaca Times



Southern Medina County residents soon will be able to access faster Internet by Allison Wood, Cleveland News 



USDA invests $4.79 million in rural broadband for Wyoming by Laurie Anderson, USDA



NDIA to FCC: Broadband affordability should be addressed in annual assessment by Bill Callahan, NDIA

Majority of U.S. House lawmakers cosponsor bill to solve congressional taxing problem for electric co-ops, America’s Electric Cooperatives