Community Broadband Media Roundup - February 23


Montgomery launches first city-owned Internet exchange point in Alabama by Colin Wood, GovTech



Center for Rural Development leading the efforts on broadband expansion in Eastern Kentucky by Kentucky Forward



Lakes Region towns collaborate to boost Internet speed by Tess Wrobelski, Keep ME Current



Build a fiber network in Boston by Matthew Dailey, Boston Globe

The truth is that our tech infrastructure is in the same dismal shape as our roads and bridges. Boston, like a majority of American cities, pays more for slower Internet service than our international peers. If Boston is to remain a global hub of innovation — and on the “cutting edge of the common good,” as Mayor Martin J. Walsh promised in his State of the City address last month — it should build a citywide fiber-optic network that allows each residence and business an onramp to the information superhighway of the future.


New York

Toward a "Smart City" by Arthur Gonick, Saratoga Today

A city that is doing well can reach for an even better quality of life for all it’s citizens, by investing in its infrastructure. Two weeks ago (Issue of February 5), we detailed the commitment that the City of Saratoga Springs was making to develop and promote solar technology for itself and its citizenry. In the same vein, a presentation made to the Saratoga Springs City Council by Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan on Tuesday, February 16 detailed a path where the city would become a leader in developing and providing high-speed broadband to all stakeholders in businesses, schools, government, hospitals and the public at large.



Virginia Beach expanding high-speed Internet in the city by Stacy Parker, The Virginian Pilot



Grass greener, Internet faster? Why Seattle is mapping broadband speeds across the city by Madeline Vuong, GeekWire


West Virginia

Scaled-back broadband proposal would build state network piece by piece by Eric Eyre, West Virginia Gazette



The emerging world of broadband public-private partnerships: a business strategy and legal guide by The Benton Foundation & Coalition for Local Internet Choice

1930s electricity co-ops take Internet initaitive by Donna Bryson, Seattle Times

Cooperatives that have been bringing electricity to rural America since the 1930s are getting into the broadband business, now that it’s communication and information that power the economy.

Allamakee-Clayton cooperative general manager Paul Foxwell said high speed Internet connections could spur development and stem the flow of young people to the cities.