Community Broadband Media Roundup - January 27


Bringing rural Arizona up to (high) speed by Victoria Harker, Chamber Business News



The cost of connectivity in Ammon, Idaho by Becky Chao and Lucas Pietrzak, New America



Get Internet service to rural Louisiana, American Press

Ballard said the problem in Louisiana has been the belief that only private industry is innovative and efficient enough to provide internet service. However, he said private companies in this state didn’t extend phone lines to all rural areas until 2005. It’s also why nearly a million homes and businesses get their power from electric cooperatives created by the federal government.



Broadband-bill sponsors hope to improve Maine’s Internet by Laura Rosbrow, Public News Service



Lueck announces 4 local entities to receive $2.7 million in MN broadband grants, Brainerd Dispatch 


Millions awarded for rural broadband in Harmony by Talia Milavetz, KAALtv 



USDA invests $5.7 million in broadband for rural Nebraska communities, USDA


North Carolina

Rural North Carolina county headed for broadband Internet by Lindell J. Kay, The Wilson Daily News 

What began as an information technology management firm for client businesses in Wilmington has expanded into Nash County with broadband access. The state took notice and established a grant to cover more areas, including Halifax County. 



What’s going on with FCC’s lifeline program, Benton Institute for Broadband & Society


Frontier, CenturyLink Miss CAF II Deployment Milestones for Rural Broadband by Joan Engebretson,Telecompetitor 

As focus shifts to the RDOF, it will be important for the FCC to keep close tabs on the progress of broadband deployments by Frontier, CenturyLink and other CAF II recipients. Price cap carriers could easily lose interest in the program as their broadband funding declines. Indeed, CenturyLink has looked at selling off its local service business now that its focus has shifted to the enterprise market. And Frontier reportedly plans to file for bankruptcy in mid-March.

Advocates for digital inclusion address different facets of bridging the digital divide by Adrienne Patton, Broadband Breakfast 


Opinion: Cities should decide how and where 5G is employed by Dianne Feinstein, The Mercury News