Community Broadband Media Roundup - June 13


Internet for All Now Act passes state assembly by ECT Staff, East County Today

"Jarring" Internet access survey results embolden leaders of citywide broadband by Joshua Sabatini, San Francisco Examiner

Internet for all San Franciscans? Here's how it could happen by Rachel Swan, San Francisco Chronicle

“The nice thing about Wi-Fi is that it costs less up front, and you can install it before the next election,” said Christopher Mitchell, a community broadband expert at the Institute for Local Self Reliance, an advocacy group in Minneapolis.

But he noted that Farrell could face intense opposition from big telecom companies like Comcast and AT&T, which provide most of the Internet service and infrastructure in San Francisco.

“There will be a scare campaign involving print mailers, telephone calls and radio messages, saying that community broadband will threaten city finances,” Mitchell said.



EMCs could help fill broadband gaps by Jill Nolin, Thomasville Times-Enterprise

Nationally, electric cooperatives are relatively new to fiber broadband, but their involvement is “growing enormously,” said Christopher Mitchell, director of community broadband networks at the nonprofit Institute for Local Self-Reliance. 


North Carolina


NC maps out high-speed Internet access across state by Steve Sbraccia, CBS North Carolina



Two municipal broadband groups criticize data and analysis in U. Penn paper by Casey Ryan,

ISPs denied entry into apartment buildings could get help from FCC by Jon Brodkin, ArsTechnica


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