Community Broadband Media Roundup - June 17


The Havasupai Tribe secures license to build-out their community broadband network by Mariel Triggs, People-Centered Internet



Consultant’s report: Cheaper, faster Internet possible in Gainesville, but not without
 significant challenges by Joseph Hastings, WUFT

“There are scenarios where the city could provide low-price broadband while operating a fiber business that would be self-sustaining and profitable and that wouldn’t need any subsidies from GRU or the city,” the report states. “However, creating such a business is no slam dunk.”



Internet far slower in Georgia than reported by Mark Niesse and Nicholas Thieme, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution



Small Idaho city shows the benefits of open access broadband networks by Karl Bode, Techdirt



FD looks for more broadband by Bill Shea, The Messenger 

iVinton continues to move forward in the plans to bring broadband to Vinton by Valerie Close, Vinton Today



Wendell approves 7.6 percent budget increase by David McLellan, Greenfield Recorder 

Wendell has been working toward creating a town-owned broadband system — legally known as a Municipal Light Plant — under the state’s Last Mile program. The high-speed Internet service is not estimated to begin until next year, but several articles anticipating the network’s completion were passed.



Access issue slows fiber-optic network launch in Erie, Pa. by Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times

A team of researchers just showed how the FCC wastes billions on rural broadband by Katie Patrick

Make improving rural broadband service a priority, Tribune Democrat 



FCC authorizing funds in Virginia for rural broadband by Julia Varnier, News 3



In our opinion: Access to Internet for rural America is moving at the speed of dial-up, Deseret News

Survey explores broadband impact on local economies, telehealth, education by Craig Settles, Benton Foundation

Rural electric cooperatives: Pole attachment policies and issues by Brian O’Hara, NRECA

Smart cities and digital equity by John B. Horrigan, NDIA

How’s CAF II doing in your county? By Doug Dawson, POTs and PANs

Capito’s bipartisan bill to provide data on broadband adoption, deployment passes Senate, The Ripon Advance 

Broadband roundup: Texas Rural Funds Collaborative and Infrastructure Zone in Indiana by Emily McPhie, Broadband Breakfast 

“Texas children aren’t able to complete homework assignments,” he said. “Senior citizens are unable to access telehealth networks that could help them. Our small businesses and agricultural producers are being left out of a global market.”

AP: 3 million US students don’t have home Internet by Michael Melia, Jeff Amy and Larry Fenn, Washington Post

The ability to pay for broadband, Benton Foundation

FCC to vote on proposal for improving broadband mapping by Emily Birnbaum, The Hill

Flawed US gov. data is hindering ‘necessary’ Internet service for tribal communities by Dana Nickel, The Globe Post

Like politics, all broadband policy is local by Craig Settles, GovTech