Community Broadband Media Roundup - June 24


Government grant will help provide broadband access to Coosa County residents by Sean Ross, Yellowhammer News 



Legislature offers no clear path for municipal broadband advocates by Matt Pilon, Hartford Business



Gainesville City Commission votes to seek help and more information on broadband options by Joseph Hastings, WUFT



State, regional leaders talk broadband in Monroe County, Ind. by Ernest Rollins, The Herald-Times



Kentucky deploying 'armored' Internet fiber to fend off hungry squirrels by Karl Bode, VICE



Lowell eyes new broadband network by Elizabeth Dobbins, Lowell Sun

In a presentation to the subcommittee, Bradshaw said the city could use the network to secure connections between city facilities, introduce WiFi zones, connect cameras to provide security and traffic management, introduce "eHealth" to ensure more patients can be managed from home, use "eLearning" to improve access to education and reduce snow days, run community outreach kiosks or utilize ground sensors to streamline maintenance.



Traverse City, MI braves the wrath of telcoms lobbyists, pushes ahead with municipal fiber network by Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing


New Hampshire

New Hampshire towns still struggle to lure broadband by Liisa Rajala, NH Business Review



Council to consider budget amendments by Thomas Robertson, Zanesville Times Recorder



Rural Americans in need of better Internet services by Miguel Marquez,



American Fork looks to build $25 million broadband infrastructure by Carley Porter Daily Herald

“One of the things we’ve seen is that a large majority of our citizens either work from home part-time, full-time, or would work from home if they had connectivity,” Bunker said. “And so part of what we’re seeing as the growth is the need for this service so our (residents) can actually do work from their place of residency.”



Broadband crucial to Vermont's future by Tim Briglin, Vermont Business Magazine



City of Radford and Montgomery Co. survey residents to expand broadband, WDBJ7



Union expands fiber-optic broadband in Sublette, Sweetwater, and Lincoln Counties, SweetwaterNow



Why we can't forget cost when discussing broadband mapping by Amir Nasr, New America

The latest FCC plan to boost US broadband? Prevent competition in apartment blocks by Kieren McCarthy, The Register

Broadband Roundup: 5G needs fiber, Anchorage wireless project and budgeting for broadband in Fort Collins by Masha Abarinova, Broadband Breakfast