Community Broadband Media Roundup - March 21


Advisory panel revives San Francisco's citywide gigabit fiber plans by Colin Wood, StateScoop

San Francisco reveals latest #Resist effort - resisting sub-gigabit Internet access by Kieren McCarthy, The UK Register

Panel to study wiring San Francisco with high-speed Internet by Dominic Fracassa, San Francisco Chronicle



Fiber Internet rollout in downtown Holland will be ready in September by Sydney Smith, Holland Sentinel


New York


New York City sues Verizon, claiming broken promises of FiOS coverage by Patrick McGeehan, New York Times


North Carolina

Cooper highlights needs for rural broadband in address to General Assembly by Amy Cutler, WNCN



Bills limiting broadband move forward in Mo. and Tenn. legislatures by Craig Settles, The Daily Yonder

National community broadband advocates such as Christopher Mitchell of the Institute for Local Self Reliance who worked recently to de-fang Virginia’s anti-municipal network bill, believe similar activities should occur in Missouri and Tennessee. “It’s essential for people to advocate publicly for local investments in broadband,” he said. “Communities need to enlist volunteers to counterbalance the incumbents because they have all the money in the world. Get citizens to go online to post on Facebook and Twitter, e-mail their legislators, talk to their church groups.”

Community group: AT&T 'digitally redlines' poor neighborhoods by Andrew Tarantola, Engadget

Google Fiber was doomed from the start by Susan Crawford, BackChannel

We do need fiber, everywhere. But we’re talking about basic infrastructure when we talk about fiber. And it is not in any private company’s short-term interest to make that basic fiber infrastructure — which amounts to a substantial upgrade to the last-century copper and cable lines with which Americans are now stuck — available to everyone at a reasonable price.

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