Community Broadband Media Roundup - March 4


San Jose tackles the digital divide by Doug Dawson, POTs and PANs 

The city recognizes that there are no instant fixes and already recognizes that it might take a decade to bring fast affordable broadband to everybody in the city. I’m sure that $24 million is also just a downpayment towards a permanent broadband solution. But this plan puts the city ahead of every other major metropolitan area in the willingness to tackle the problem head-on.



Bill aims to maintain net neutrality by Charles Ashby, Daily Sentinel 

City celebrates milestone for Connexion broadband service, but sign-up dates still unknown by Nick Coltrain, Fort Collins Coloradoan 



Rural broadband funding could connect more Ohio Valley communities to high-speed Internet by Liam Niemeyer, Ohio Valley ReSource



Wired for future: How broadband bridges gaps between countryside and city by David Singer, WGME

South Portland broadband plan could hit funding snag by David Harry, The Forecaster


North Carolina

Broadband Internet unavailable to many in Eastern NC, WITN 



Gov. Wolf pushes for statewide broadband access by Paul Guggenheimer, TribLive



No connection: Residents struggle with limited Internet options by Heather Mullinix, Crossville Chronicle



Improving broadband access in rural communities by Destiny Richards, KFDA



Pew initiative to study broadband access hurdles by Skip Descant, GovTech

“So while there is that big gap, I don’t think that this is a policy issue that’s split very neatly along urban and rural lines,” she continued. “There’s no one-size-fits-all to broadband connectivity and solving that gap. Every community is different and has different characteristics and different needs. And subsequently, will require different solutions for closing those gaps.”

Windstream chooses bankruptcy filing over appeal of negative decision involving Uniti Group spinoff by Joan Engebretson, Telecompetitor

Multi-tenant broadband report: Only price and location matter more than broadband by Phil Britt, Telecompetitor

FCC ready to authorize $140M in rural broadband funding for CAF II auction winners, Verizon among them by Joan Engebretson, Telecompetitor 

FCC uses cherry-picked stats to justify giving consumers a giant middle finger by Karl Bode, Techdirt 

Former FCC Chair Tom Wheeler says the Internet needs regulation by Klint Finey, WIRED