Community Broadband Media Roundup - October 7


City of Long Beach launches digital inclusion roadmap development process to promote digital equality and inclusion, Signal Tribune 



Fort Collins Connexion plans big discounts on gig-speed Internet for low-income residents by Jacy Marmaduke, Fort Collins Coloradoan

Cheap Internet for low-income users spreads in Denver, but there’s more to the urban digital divide by Tamara Chuang, Colorado Sun 



Lakeland residents invited to ask leaders their questions about proposed city-owned Internet service at broadband forum by Sara-Megan Walsh, Lakeland Ledger 



How Georgia made its unique broadband coverage map by Jed Pressgrove, Government Technology

In rural Georgia, access to broadband worse than data showed, Tuscaloosa News



Disconnection: Business concerns lead Waterloo to explore municipal broadband by Tim Jamison, The Courier 

“We’re just adhering to what the businesses and the residents of the community have been telling us for a long time.

“Broadband internet connections are essential today,” he added. “We just want to make sure that we are competitive and that we continue to try to offer the best opportunity.”


Broadband brainstorming forum stresses community-driven approach by Evan Houk, Lincoln County News



Noble Road corridor plan draws mixed reviews: Cleveland Heights council recap by Tom Jewell,

Ohio weighs opening highway corridors to broadband projects, WHIOTV 



Pennsylvania can’t afford to wait for broadband expansion by Pam Snyder, Bucks County Courier Times 



Only four presidential candidates have a plan for the digital divide by Ryan Johnston, StateScoop

Connected 'smart' communities will be a key part of 21st century healthcare by Mike Miliard, HealthcareITNews

Enjoy free Internet at the library? You can thank this woman by Klint Finley, WIRED

'Digital Equity Act' proposes $250 million annually for cities, states by Ryan Johnston, StateScoop

“By building the infrastructure, we’re making it more accessible to people, but if they can’t afford it and won’t use it, then it’s not doing anybody any good,” Panettieri told StateScoop. “This bill gets at making it affordable for people and helping them get the equipment or skills they need to take advantage of broadband.” 

Levin, Downes get some pushback on urban, 'education divide,' broadband uptake theory by John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable

5G sounds great, but we must ensure it won’t ruin Internet equality by Dries Buytaert, The Next Web

What’s new in civic tech: Digital equity in San Jose, Calif. By Zack Quaintance, Government Technology 

Another new beginning for net neutrality, Benton Institute for Broadband and Society 

A broken system helped the FCC kill net neutrality. It afflicts the whole government. By April Glaser, Slate