Couldn't Make It To Ammon? Event Videos Now Available

You may not have been able to get to Ammon, Idaho, to attend the official lighting ceremony of the community’s open access fiber network. Perhaps you weren’t able to watch the stream to the event either; life is demanding and sometimes we just can’t fit everything into our day. But you can still watch the event at your own pace because we’ve broken down the presentations and panels for you.


Deb Socia (NCC) & Jeff Christensen (EntryPoint) Introduce Ammon Mayor Dana Kirkham :


Mayor Dana Kirkham :


State Senator Brent Hill :


Keynote: How Does the City of Tomorrow Get ‘Smart’? 

Glenn Ricart, Founder and CEO, US Ignite :


Panel - How do we make ‘smart cities’ a reality?


  • Glenn Ricart, Founder and CEO, US Ignite
  • Shawn Irvine, Economic Development Director, Independence, Oregon
  • Aarushi Sarbhai, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Utah
  • Jeff Peterson, CTO, EntryPoint Networks
  • Moderated by Deb Socia, Executive Director, Next Century Cities


Bobbi-Jo Meuleman, Chief Operations Officer, Idaho Department of Commerce :


Policy Discussion: Does government have a role to play? 

Christopher Mitchell, Director, Community Broadband Networks :

Transcript Available 


Economic Feasibility: Is it time for a New Model?

Michael Curri, Founder and President, Strategic Networks Group :


Panel - Infrastructure as a Platform :


  • Jeff Christensen, President of EntryPoint Networks
  • Roger Timmerman, Executive Director and CEO, UTOPIA Fiber
  • Bruce Patterson, Technology Director, City of Ammon
  • David Shaw, Shareholder, Kirton & McConkie
  • Moderated by Jeff Gavlinski, Senior Director of Business Development, Ex2


John Wuu at Virtual Gateway Labs :


Video Address - Tom Wheeler, former FCC chairman :



Panel - The Ammon Story :

  • Bruce Patterson, Technology Director, City of Ammon
  • Dana Kirkham, Mayor, City of Ammon
  • Brian Powell, City Councilor, City of Ammon
  • Scott Hall, City Attorney, City of Ammon
  • Matt Hulse, Neighborhood Champion, City of Ammon
  • Moderated by Christopher Mitchell, Director, Community Broadband Networks


To learn more about the network, the community’s initiative the create its great open access resource, and the benefits it’s already bringing to Ammon, check out the report by Paddy Leerssen and David Talbot from Harvard University's Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard (DASH). We've followed Ammon's progress as well and have published a number of stories and podcasts with Ammon's Technology Director Bruce Patterson.