Exciting Upcoming Events!

If we want to protect the open Internet and expand access to fast, affordable, and reliable connections, we need to organize. There are few better ways to organize or get inspired than in-person events with great speakers and time to chat with others.

I will be at both Freedom to Connect and the National Conference for Media Reform and strongly encourage you to sign up with the early bird rates now available.

The first is Freedom to Connect (F2C) just outside Washington, DC, at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, Maryland.

F2C: Freedom to Connect is designed to bring under-represented people and issues into the Washington, DC based federal policy discussion. F2C: Freedom to Connect revolves around three central topics.

The first is an open infrastructure owned or controlled by and responsive to the community it serves and whose resources it depends upon. The second is a publicly specified set of Internet protocols open to all who meet its specifications. The third is the use of the Internet to promote government of, by and for the people, and to counteract autocratic government power.

To learn who will address each topic, visit F2C. Below is a short video with some of the fun moments of this conference in 2012. (You can see the presentations and panels from 2012 here.)

Register by Jan 18 to get the early bird discount: $195. Don't forget, this event always has world-class music between sessions -- always a great experience.


One month after F2C, Free Press is holding the National Conference for Media Reform (NCMR) in Denver on April 5-7.

I spoke at the last NCMR and will be on at least one, possibly several panels in Denver to discuss community owned broadband networks and Internet policy. This event attracts great people and the conversations in the halls around presentations never fail to inspire me.

Want to delve into the most pressing issues facing technology and the future of the Internet? Then check out the National Conference for Media Reform in Denver on April 5–7, 2013. Our conference is a three-day whirlwind that brings together the nation's leading thinkers and innovators to discuss policies and politics and how technology is shaping the world. Early-bird registration rates are available through Jan. 30, 2013, so sign up today.

There are big questions facing us in 2013. Will innovation and creativity flourish online, or will corporations lock the Internet down? Will communities have access to the technologies they need to solve the problems they face? How can we take on big companies and corrupted policymakers — and win?

Join many great speakers, including Susan Crawford, in Denver for NCMR. Register now for the early bird rate of $170. That rate expires at the end of January.