Ford Foundation Annual Report Promotes Publicly Owned Networks

The Ford Foundation has recognized the important contribution of publicly owned broadband networks to improving affordable, reliable, and fast access to the Internet in communities throughout the US. Using data that we helped to gather, they have launched a single map identifying publicly owned networks around the country and showing states with barriers to such networks.

Ford Foundation Community Map tool

Ford Foundation explores the context around the map here:

The stakes on this issue are high, and the questions are complex—making the involvement of philanthropy especially important. Questions are emerging, for example, about the lack of market competition, and what appears to be the resulting failure to provide good service to rural and working communities. Some localities are responding by establishing municipal broadband networks that meet the infrastructure needs of their citizens and ensure that local businesses and families are not left behind. Our grantee partners are informing debates on issues like these, where the real future of Internet rights is being determined—and where the public interest can easily get lost.

We look forward to seeing this map add more communities as they take responsibility for their digital future.


Community networks can help bridge the digital divide

KeyWifi would like to thanks The Ford Foundation for their leadership in promoting public networks, we look forward to partnering with many publicly owned networks to enable even more people to get online at low cost and bridge the digotal divide.

We would also like to extend an offer to any community owned networks to get in touch with us, and find how we can help them attaract more users and emnpower more people in their areas to get on line. 

Thanks Ford

Thanks to all you Communities for making these networks happen!