Help Us Celebrate Our 10th, Share Your Ideas for MuniNetworks

We recently realized that we’ve been sharing information, resources, and stories about publicly owned broadband networks for more than ten — TEN! — years. Our team has been so occupied helping local communities and working on projects, the anniversary went by without flowers, a cake, or a party. We’re still too busy for any of the typical celebratory activity, which is why we’re reaching out to you.

We want to hear what you need from as we forge ahead.

What Would YOU Like to See/Hear/Download/Share?

In the past few years, many communities have expressed an interest in publicly owned networks. Innovative approaches to deployment and implementation have taken off. Legislation at the state and federal level has increased and funding opportunities have blossomed. Cooperatives are increasing investments in Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Internet access for members and others in their service areas. In short — there’s so much happening, we don’t have the manpower to do it all.

It’s a wonderful problem to have and we want your help to solve it.

We’d like to know what information you find most helpful and where you think we should focus our efforts. In addition to the types of material that you find most helpful — reports, videos, maps, fact sheets, etc. — we want to know what sort of content you feel provides the most value. 

  • Are you having trouble locating information on funding or RFPs?
  • Do you want to learn more about the technical innovations of deployment?
  • Perhaps you want to learn about state policies and legislation to offer ideas to your own elected officials.
  • Is digital inclusion an issue that deserves more coverage from the community network approach?
  • Do you want to learn more about electric and telephone cooperatives?
  • Are there issues that matter to you that we have yet to investigate?

Education, telehealth, economic development, public savings, ancillary benefits of publicly owned broadband networks — we’re seeking your ideas because you know what you need and there’s probably others who need similar information.

Email us and let us know how you think we should focus our efforts as we move forward. What will help YOU the most? Send your thoughts to: broadband(at)muni

Time to Celebrate

When we started reporting on publicly owned broadband infrastructure, the topic rarely made the news, even though there were plenty of communities who had been offering some form of service to businesses and residents. Slowly at first, communities found us online and began discovering value in the information we shared. Over the past decade, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in traffic from different sectors.

Local leaders, policy experts, and advocates for better connectivity have gravitated to because we’ve fashioned it into a one-stop shop. We’ve published podcasts documenting how places like Glasgow, Kentucky, got the idea to use infrastructure for local connectivity, reports on the incredible benefits for the people of Chattanooga, videos on innovations in Ammon, Idaho, and much more. Fact sheets, case studies, maps, and the popular Community Broadband Bits Podcast help educate, while daily stories help keep our audience aware of happenings around the U.S. and sometimes in other countries.

Federal officials, local leaders, and comedians getting serious about Internet access, have used our research to illustrate that high-quality connectivity is necessary, beneficial, and affordable through publicly owned broadband. We’re excited and proud to have raised the public consciousness over the past ten years and looking forward to making even more strides with your help.

Let us know what you want to see from We want to hear from you. Email us with your thoughts: broadband(at)


Image of the birthday cupcakes by cbaquiran via pixabay.