Longmont Fiber Considers Streaming Instead of Cable

In our recent podcast interview with Vince Jordan of Longmont Power and Communications (LPC), we shared the story of Colorado's newest community network. Vince told the story of the community's struggle to overcome a massive misinformation campaign by Comcast and progress since. LPC is proving itself to be innovative, creative, and centered on community - all attributes that should drive their success.

We asked what future plans may be in the works for the expanding the network or the different potential services coming to residents and businesses, wondering if triple-play services may be offered. Vince noted that in LPC's current online survey, video and voice are two products that have sparked the public's interest. Because video can be one of the most expensive and least profitable ventures, LPC is once again approaching the community desires creatively.

LPC is looking into options for video and voice services that are accessible with a blazing broadband connection and plan to create a clearinghouse for customers on their website. Direct links and information on Hulu, Netflix, Roku, Skype, and other video and voice applications will all be in one place. The idea is to empower customers so they can use their inexpensive LPC Internet connection to stream video and voice. LPC is also exploring the possibility of establishing relationships with video and voice providers and providing access to serve the community.

The project is expected to go live in late October. LPC continues to research options for their customers but the idea has been received with positive community input. As we continue to monitor the evolving business models of community networks, we'll keep an eye on Longmont.