Community Broadband Quotes

Local Ownership Adds Accountability

Where we can have a free market, we should have a free market. That is one of the main reasons I support UTOPIA, because it allows competitive access on those lines. I know it is only one line, but it makes sense to only have one line. And if I only have one line, I would rather it be my local government owning it – it is a lot easier to get a hold of the mayor of Murray than it is the CEO of Qwest when I have a problem.

Danger: Fast Upload Speeds

Considering local ISP MStar is offering symmetrical 15Mbps service for $39.95 and symmetrical 50Mbps connections for $59.95 through Utopia, surely locals are happy that Qwest has spent so much time in the state protecting consumer interests. Qwest has done a particularly good job protecting consumers from the dangers of upstream speed.


FDR on Community Ownership Solution

I therefore lay down the following principle: That where a community--a city or county or a district--is not satisfied with the service rendered or the rates charged by the private utility, it has the undeniable basic right, as one of its functions of Government, one of its functions of home rule, to set up, after a fair referendum to its voters has been had, its own governmentally owned and operated service.

History Lesson

Jim Baller, an attorney and well-known advocate for municipal broadband, likes to bring out an old copy of "Moody's Magazine and American Investments" from 1906 with such articles as "Municipal Ownership a Delusion" and "Municipal Ownership Always a Failure" about public power systems. He then cites a number of municipal systems that have the lowest costs in the country...