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Posted December 26, 2017 by christopher

It is that time of year - as 2017 draws to a close, we pulled Nick, Hannah, Lisa, and myself back into a podcast to talk about the predictions we made one year ago on episode 234. And despite having to deal with our failed predictions from last year, we dive right into making more predictions for next year.

Along the way, we talk about the lessons we are taking away from 2017 and thinking more broadly about 2018. 

We talk about net neutrality, cooperatives, preemptive state laws, consolidation, and even start with me going on a mostly-unneeded rant about radio. 

So give the show a listen, and then start forming your own local Broadband and Beers informal group to begin organizing locally around better Internet access!

Read the transcript for this show here.

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Posted January 4, 2017 by Anonymous

This is the transcript for episode 234 of the Community Broadband Bits podcast. The MuniNetworks crew (Christopher Mitchell, Lisa Gonzalez, Nick Stumo-Langer, and Hannah Trostle) recap some of the events of 2016 and then predict what will happen in 2017. The first two predictions are from two of our listeners, Jeff Hoel and Rebecca Toews. Listen to this episode here.

Rebecca Toews: I predict that I will still be on hold with Comcast.

Hannah Trostle (reading Jeff Hoel's prediction): I predict that that the EPA will try and put itself and the FCC on the endangered species list.

Nick Stumo-Langer: You just don't know how many illegal things they talk about on this podcast anyway because Lisa cuts them out.

Christopher Mitchell: That's a great way to start the show. Welcome to another edition of the Community Broadband Bits Podcast. This is our year in review and next year in anticipation episode, I guess. Here with me we've got Lisa.

Lisa Gonzalez: Hey there.

Christopher Mitchell: And we've got Hannah.

Hannah Trostle: Hi.

Christopher Mitchell: And we've got Nick back again.

Nick Stumo-Langer: Hi Chris, good to be here.

Christopher Mitchell: You were here last, one year ago I believe when Lisa was in Michigan and we needed someone to feel in.

Nick Stumo-Langer: Yup, you've retained my seat. It's been great.

Christopher Mitchell: Yeah we haven't moved the seat since then. I think it makes sense to look back at some of the predictions we made last year. Rebecca, who I don't know if we've ever formally announced that Rebecca had moved on to another organization. We miss her on a daily basis, but she was on the show last year in which we talked about our predictions and whatnot. Do we want to review any of our predictions?

Lisa Gonzalez: I think we could look at a few of them. Why don't we do that? Let's see. We talked a little bit -

Christopher Mitchell: Before we got too far into this I just wanted to make a quick plea, please don't forget us in your year end giving. LSR, the Institute...

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Posted December 28, 2016 by christopher

It's that time of year - for reflection of the past and thinking about the future. Lisa, Nick, Hannah, and I discuss the previous year and then make some predictions for next year.

Along the way, we have some banter and occasionally an insightful comment if you listen hard enough.

Read the transcript of the show here

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