Community Broadband Media Roundup - March 11


Q&A with Jeremiah Sloan, Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation: Arkansas co-op builds fiber fast by Sam Pratt, Broadband Communities 



Broadband 'moonshot' has rural Minnesotans hopeful by John Reinan, Star Tribune

“They did it in the ’30s with electricity. They did it in the ’50s with telephones. This is the electricity of the 21st century,” said Anne Schwagerl, an organic farmer in Browns Valley on the South Dakota border.



Electric co-ops look into funding opportunities to provide Internet service by Dennis Seid, Daily Journal


North Carolina

New partnership to test models that could bring high-speed Internet to unserved and underserved rural North Carolinians, NC Electric Cooperatives

“From a utility standpoint, broadband technologies benefit cooperative members by allowing them to better manage their home energy use, and they will make cooperative distribution systems more dynamic, flexible and efficient,” said Joe Brannan, chief executive officer of North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives. 

Broadband Internet unavailable to many in Eastern NC, WITN

Jason Dart said, "You can't do normal life generally speaking in America anymore without being able to get on broadband.



Oregon lawmakers eye cellphone fee to pay for rural broadband by Mike Rogoway, The Oregonian



In Vermont, high-speed Internet for all gets more likely by Hilary Niles, US News



When home Internet access is too expensive, low-income residents turn to other resources by Matt Jones, The Virginian Pilot



Tacoma, Wash., plans municipal broadband P3 that includes private commitments to net neutrality, equity, and privacy by Joanne Hovis, CTC Technology 



Ajit Pai’s rosy broadband deployment claim may be based on gigantic error by Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica 

Technology strategies for municipal fiber broadband by Ravi Hichkad, Broadband Communities 

Social justice or inequality: The heart of the net neutrality debate by Gigi Sohn, Benton Foundation

NACo rolling out mobile app to test broadband speeds by Mary Ann Barton, National Association of Counties  

Rural America will fall further behind without all-fiber broadband infrastructure investment by Lisa R. Youngers, The Hill 

Municipal broadband Internet: The next public utility? By Chris Teale, Smart Cities Dive 

“The issue is: the market isn't solving the problem. I don't expect a for-profit company to take on an effort that will not make them money; that's not what they do, they are for-profit.”