This July 4th, Declare Independence from King AT&T

There’s no better way to celebrate the start of a revolution than to break free from the tyranny of a telecom monopoly. So join us this Independence Day, and declare yourself independent from King AT&T and its monopolist pals.

We’ll be celebrating the holiday by throwing our own AT&Tea Party, so to speak. We’ve created a few graphics that we’ll be sharing on social media alongside examples of communities that have freed themselves from the rule of broadband monopolies once and for all using the hashtag #CommunityNets. Please join us by using the hashtag, sharing the images, or posting your own story about how your community has built its own broadband network.

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Time to Dump AT&T

The telecom giant has a long history of neglecting its subscribers, exploiting its employees, and abusing our state legislatures in order to maintain its monopoly for the benefit of its executives and shareholders. According to the most recent Federal Communications Commission data, more than one million people can only access broadband through AT&T, and at least 83 million people in the United States live under a broadband monopoly. More importantly, AT&T is writing the rules for the entire market both in DC and state legislatures.

While King AT&T is not the only monopoly broadband provider that we should rebel against, it is certainly among the worst. Here are just several select examples of how AT&T has acted egregiously over the years:

Like the colonists in 1776, communities around the country have decided enough is enough and have built their own broadband networks. Hundreds of cities, counties, cooperatives, tribes, and neighborhoods across the U.S. now operate their own high-quality networks, bringing faster speeds, lower prices, and better service to their communities.

Help Spread the Word

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, where we’ll be sharing the graphics below along with stories of successful community networks using #CommunityNets to declare our independence from King AT&T.

Please share the images below on your social media accounts. Include your own experience with poor connectivity and a lack of Internet choice, or share a story of how your community is taking back control from King AT&T and other broadband monopolies. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CommunityNets!